Want to become a Sponsor?

Expose your Company to a Group of Highly Motivated Technology Enthusiasts

You will get ...
  • Up to 5 preregistered participant spots for your representatives
  • We place your logo and link on the JSCraftCamp website
  • Your exhibitor will be visible for the whole time during the event
  • You can bring a stand-up display to be permanently visible.
  • You can make your job ads visible for all attendees for the whole time during the conference.
  • Your company name will be mentioned several times during the conference
  • It's an OpenSpace — contribute the talks that are important to you to the community
  • Sponsors will be announced via the official Twitter account
Why Sponsor?

The JSCraftCamp is an Open Space conference that attracts diverse people from the JavaScript community who really care about their craft.
The crowd is self selected by investing time for their own application (pull request). Besides developers, you will find all kind of people with different job roles that really care about technology and improvement.
You will get the chance to present your brand to these 80 to 120 highly skilled individuals and show them how much you care! We'll all thank you for that!

Show how much you care about improving the state of Crafting Software and Clean Code in the JS-Community!

We believe in people and our guests - so we ask nothing more of everybody than to be respectful and friendly with one another.

What to Sponsor?

All expense will serve the attendees of the JSCraftCamp, all the expenses serve for food, drinks, chairs, and all alike things that are needed for spending a couple of days together thinking and hacking for the modern world.

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