Registration process

To register for the JSCraftCamp you have to add a JSONC file1 with your name and some other information to our github repository via a pull request2. Registration is free of charge. Your json file should follow the naming scheme $name_or_nickname.json and must be placed in the folder participants. The structure of the file is described below. We are using JSONC to parse the files, so it's okay to keep the comments from the _template.json.

Out of these JSON files, the /participants page will be generated.

1 JSONC is JSON with JavaScript style comments.
2 Click this link to start the process on the github page to create the JSONC file in the repo. Make sure you are logged in to github.

The important stuff

  • Please put in your real name; Location host will check it at the entrance
  • If you don't want to put in allergies or anything else, drop us a message at Discord or
  • We will try our best to fulfil your dietary requirements, but we cannot guarantee anything. We will post the ordered food in the issues, so you can check if you need to bring something for yourself.
  • If you need help reach out! You will learn some git for free.
  • Please read the JSON comments, they should explain every field, and if you have questions reach out.
  • If you have any improvement suggestions, please let us know.

The JSON format

Your registration as JSON file should be in the following format to pass the tests:

// vim: ft=jsonc
// Please provide your info in your own .json file.
// See for more information
	// your real name (required by location host)
	"realName": {
		"givenName": "Your Given Name",
		"familyName": "Your Family Name",
		// if you prefer to have your family name shown first (optional)
		"placeFamilyNameFirst": false,
		// if you do not want to show your family name on the participant list (optional)
		"hideFamilyNameOnWebsite": false
	// please put in the account name of the PR creator, if you sign up somebody else
	"githubAccountName": "jscraftcamp",
	// company name (optional)
	"company": "ACME",
	// either both days or at least one day has to be set to true
	"when": {
		// June 7th, 2024
		"friday": true,
		// June 8th, 2024
		"saturday": false
	// if you are willing to take session notes and publish them to github (required)
	"iCanTakeNotesDuringSessions": true,
	// your current interests (JS and in general) (required)
	"tags": ["ReScript", "Svelte", "Zustand", "GraphQL"],
	// if you only eat vegan food (optional)
	"vegan": false,
	// if you only eat vegan or vegetarian food (optional)
	"vegetarian": true,
	// what you cannot eat or drink (optional); If you don't want to put it in here, message the organizers.
	// IMPORTANT: we cannot guarantee that food for every diet will be available,
	//            if you have gluten free diet, please make backup plans.
	"allergies": ["Gluten", "Peanuts"],
	// tell us a few words how JavaScript affects you (required)
	"whatIsMyConnectionToJavascript": "...",
	// what can you contribute to the bar camp (required)
	"whatCanIContribute": "???",
	// if you want a T-Shirt we need your size and variant preference (optional)
	// the following sizes are available: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL (only regular cut)
	"tShirtSize": "S",
	// your Mastodon URL (optional)
	"mastodon": "",
	// your LinkedIn profile URL
	"linkedin": "",
	// your X (Twitter) handle - must match regex ^[a-zA-Z_]{1}[a-zA-Z0-9_]{0,14}$ (optional)
	"X": "yourhandle",
	// your website URL or other social media (optional)
	"website": ""

Validation for your JSON file

To test if your JSON file is a valid registration you can run pnpm run test (more details about this are in the file). Invalid registrations will be rejected. If you need any help with registration, don't hesitate to contact one of the team.

Process to unregister

If you registered previously and at some point find out you can't make it to the JSCraftCamp, please let us know. Either unregister by writing another pull request, write an issue or contact us at