Registration will open on May 1st, 2023.

Registration process

To register for JSCraftCamp you have to add a json file with your name and some other information to our GitHub Repository via a Pull Request. Registration is free of charge. Your json file should follow the naming scheme $name_or_nickname.json and must be placed in the folder participants. The structure of the file is described below. We are using JSONC to parse the files, so it's okay to keep the comments from the _template.json.

Out of these JSON files, the /participants page will be generated.

Personal Data

If you don't feel comfortable entering personal information publicly, please direct message one of the organizers on Discord or reach out to and we will record information such as allergies or the like privately.

The JSON format

Your registration as JSON file should be in the following format to pass the tests:

    // required
    "name": "your name",
    // optional
    "company": "your company name",
    // required
    "when": {
        "friday": true/false,
        "saturday": true/false
    // required
    "iCanTakeNotesDuringSessions": true/false,
    // required - at least one
    "tags": ["ReScript", "Svelte", "Zustand", "GraphQL"],
    // optional
    "vegan": true/false,
    // optional
    "vegetarian": true/false,
    // optional
    "allergies": ["Gluten", "Peanuts"],
    // required
    "whatIsMyConnectionToJavascript": "...",
    // required
    "whatCanIContribute": "???",
    // optional
    "tShirt": {
        "size": "S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL",
        "type": "fitted/regular"
    // optional
    "twitter": "yourhandle",
    // optional
    "mastodon": "your Mastodon URL",
    // optional
    "website": "your website URL"

Fields in the registration JSON

First name and last name or a nick name.
A company name, if you work for one or want to mention yours.
If you are attending on Friday (Boolean value)
If you are attending on Saturday (Boolean value)
Let us know whether you're okay with taking notes during sessions. Check out past events for session notes, for example notes for 2022. (Boolean value)
Share what you think is important, use at least one tag. (Array of strings)
Just for planning: Let us know if you are a vegan (Boolean value)2
Just for planning: Let us know if you are a vegetarian (Boolean value)2
Tell us if you have any special dietary requirements2
2-5 sentences about your experience with JavaScript or related technologies.
1-3 sentences about what you would like to contribute to the BarCamp.
If you want a t-shirt, please fill out the size and type values. tShirt.size can be one of "S", "M", "L", "XL", "2XL" or "3XL". tShirt.type can be "fitted" for a waist cut (also known as women variant) or "regular".
Your Twitter handle without the leading @.
Your Mastodon URL.
Your personal website or anything else you like to share with people.


  1. Mandatory field
  2. This is a free and completely sponsored event. Even though we want to try, we can not guarantee to be able to respect every dietary requirement
  3. We may have a limited number of t-shirts with the event and sponsor logos. If your registration is shortly before the event there might be no time to have a t-shirt produced for you, please be aware.

Validation for your JSON file

To test if your JSON file is a valid registration you can run pnpm run test (more details about this are in the file). Invalid registrations will be rejected. If you need any help with registration, don't hesitate to contact one of the team.

Process to unregister

If you registered previously and at some point find out you can't make it to the JSCraftCamp, please let us know. Either unregister by writing another pull request, write an issue or contact us at