Create a JSON File and submit it via a GitHub Pull Request

To register for JS CrafCamp you have to add a json file with your name and some other information to our GitHub Repository via a Pull Request. Registration is free of charge. Your json file should follow the naming scheme $firstname_$lastname.json and must be placed in the folder participants. The structure of the file is described below.

To test if your json file is a valid registration you can run npm test (more details about this are in the README). Invalid registrations will be rejected.

Out of these files a page with information about all participants is generated.

To unregister please write another pull request.

The JSON Format

    "name": "Foo Bar",
    "company": "A company name",
    "tags": [ "angular" ],
    "when": {
      "saturday": true,
      "sunday": true
    "what_is_my_connection_to_javascript": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.",
    "what_can_i_contribute": "Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris.",
    "tshirt": "W-S",
    "urls": {
      "photo": "",
      "homepage": "",
      "github": "",
      "twitter": ""
name* first name and last name or a nick name
company A company name
tags* (JavaScript related) topics you would like to show, speak or discuss about
when.saturday*If you are attending on Saturday (Boolean value)
when.sunday* If you are attending on Sunday (Boolean value)
what_is_my_connection_to_javascript* 2-5 sentences about your experience with JavaScript or related technologies.
what_can_i_contribute1-3 sentences about what you would like to contribute to the BarCamp.
tshirt We will have a limited number of t-shirts with the event and sponsor logos. If you want one: fit (W=women, M=Man) and size (S,M,L,XL), e.g. W-S or M-XL. URL to a photo of you
urls.homepage URL to your homepage
urls.github URL to your GitHub Account
urls.twitter URL to your Twitter Account

*: mandatory field